eDMS - The Future

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eDMS is now well established and embedded within the acute trust and is being used by all healthcare professionals at the Trust who need access to patient clinical information.

In order to move the acute trust towards a truly paperless clinic/ward environment, St Helens & Knowsley Health Informatics Service is currently piloting Direct Input (eNotes).

Direct input is an enhancement to the system already in place across Whiston and St Helens Hospitals. Inputting clinical information can be carried out in real time.

Currently being trialled in the Diabetes Centre, users will input clinical information onto an electronic template which will then be scanned into the eDMS.  This will then allow the Trust to progress to a completely paperless environment whereby the clinician or user will directly input patient clinical and demographic information via electronic tools i.e. digital pen, tablet devices.

By implementing eNotes, there is the potential for further cost improvement savings as the scanning requirements should significantly drop, and as the user will directly input clinical information into the system, the need for scanning the Health Record Supplements is reduced or even eliminated.

Upon successful completion of the pilot phase, we aim to roll out eNotes to all users of eDMS across the Trust.


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