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2014 - 2015 -  IT Development​ ​
Shared Projects
NHSmail Local Email AccreditationA Project to implement ISB 1596 Secure Email Specification for HIS Email services to ensure they meet minimum criteria for secure transfer of email. ​
Mobile Devices Deployment​To deploy mobile devices in the hospital to support the implementation of major systems this financial year, such as eMEWS, ePrescribing and Clinical Portal.
​Primary Care Projects
​E-Lloyd George​Digitisation of primary care Lloyd George records across Halton St Helens & knowsley. ​
​Secondary Care Projects
RFID implementationTrust device tracking functionality.
Southport and Ormskirk PathologyThis project involves the provision of IT services into Southport and Ormskirk pathology departments to enable St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS trust to provide a full pathology service to Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust.


​​2014 - 2015 - Current Systems Development ​
Shared Projects
​Additional Windows 7 office 2010 upgrades​Migrated over 6000 Devices to Windows 7.
Electronic Palliative Care Coordination System​The system will improve co-ordination between services in End of Life Care work.
Enterprise Infrastructure upgrades - Integration Engine​Integration Engine upgrades to support Clinical portal and additional health economy interfaces.
Clinical and Patient Portal​An interactive clinical portal which will join up systems and consolidate all information. Patient information will be displayed immediately from one view. The system will deliver the ability for health stakeholders to access information (where appropriate) based on their role.
Infection Prevention, Control and Surveillance System (ICNet)​This project will ensure access to key real time data (laboratory results) at the bedside by Infection Control Nurses, Matrons and Ward Managers. This will eliminate the need to manually input data and will remove the current paper based systems for Hospital Acquired Infection alerts, tracking and audit.
Summary care record and Graphnet Replacement​This project will facilitate the deployment of the summary care record and the secure and accurate extraction of patient data from GP practice clinical systems. This will then be made available via a data repository in a summarised form to other approved Health Care Professionals e.g. A&E Dept. within the local Health Community to support direct patient care.
​​Primary Care Projects
​GP Radiology Order Communications​The deployment of ICE Radiology requesting and resulting software will enable Primary Care staff to be able to order Radiology tests and review verified results using the same system as they currently use for Pathology requests and results.
​GP Electronic Prescribing (EPS2) implementation​This will enable GPs and prescribers in primary care to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of the patient's choice, making the prescribing and dispensing process more efficient and convenient for patients and staff.
EMIS Automated Arrivals and Communication System​This project will see the procurement and installation of patient self-check in systems in all member practices and branch premises. This system is an EMIS Module and is fully compatible with the EMISWeb clinical systems in place across Knowsley.
EMIS IQ Searches and Reports​This approach will enable the interrogation of the EMIS web system to allow data outputs to be produced at Practice, Locality and CCG levels.
​Further EMIS Web implementation​Primary care GP systems moving onto a new web based EMIS system across Halton St Helens & Knowsley ​
​Secondary Care Projects

Electronic Document Management Service 
(​EDMS v4)

​This project will see the deployment of a new version of EDMS. The new version modernises the look and feel of the product, enhances existing functionality and improves electronic workflow processes with the introduction of worklists for clinicians to easily view letters awaiting review and/or authorization.
Electronic modified early warning scores (eMEWS)An Electronic Early Warning Scoring System (eMEWS) that can be used in adults and children's care settings. The system will remind staff when observations are due, alert when observations are overdue and automatically calculate scores.
Electronic Prescribing System​To procure and implement an electronic prescribing and medicine administration system that brings patient drug history into one location and reduces medication errors by replacing hand written prescriptions. The system will enable medication administration and verification to be managed electronically from order to supply.
eRostering​Implementation of this electronic rostering system will replace the variable paper based processes that are currently used for the majority of staff rosters. The new system will provide whole hospital view of current real time staffing status and to enable the Trust to quickly redeploy staff if required.
Opera Theatre System​Procurement and implementation of a new theatre system to replace the current Ormis system.
Order communications for outpatients​​Improving patient care with timely communication between referrers and Radiology and Pathology departments. Orders and results cannot be lost and reducing delays in treatment by reducing delays from ordering to resulting.
​​Community and Mental Health Projects
5BP clinical information system RIO inc child health​To support the implementation of the RIO system throughout 5Borough Partnership Trust.
Video and Teleconferencing​Identification of video conferencing requirements based on 5BP informatics strategy. Procurement of video conferencing technology and implementation of solution.

Support for the development of Skype based video conferencing.

TPP (SystmOne) Community​Providing RA, training and infrastructure support services to enable the Bridgewater planned deployment of the TPP SystmOne community information system throughout the St Helens and Halton division.
TPP (System One) Child Health​Providing RA, training, infrastructure and child health system management services to deploy the child health module of the TPP (SystmOne) system throughout the St Helens and Halton divisions of Bridgewater.
Support for Leigh New Build5 Boroughs Partnership are building a new mental health centre in Leigh. The facilities will replace the current mental health services located at Leigh Infirmary.

The Commissioning of the build will require further technology such as digital VOIP phone services, Wi-Fi and associated desktop services.

IT Developments 2013 - 2014
​Shared Projects
Data Quality Improvement Programme ​Create awareness of data quality issues, provide tools and resources to resolve the issues, getting it right first time.
Support for CQUIN projects Project delivered Acute to primary care interoperability Inc. Electronic versions of discharge summaries, A&E Summaries of attendance and patient correspondence sent electronically to primary care systems.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Initiative

​Enabled to provide over 1000 staff secure access to corporate email services and internet access through the corporate WiFI network, from registered personal mobile devices.

​Primary Care Projects
​Support for St Helens CCG proactive care programme ​Deployed mobile devices and dementia app software to all St Helens GPs.
​E Lloyd George ​Digitisation of primary care Lloyd George records across Halton St Helens & knowsley.
Secondary Care Projects​
​E-Prescribing Procurement ​Governed the Specification, tendering, and selection of an e-prescribing system ready to implement.
​E-MEWS system business case ​Developed the financial and quality case for an electronic patient vital signs monitoring system.
​Clinical Patient Portal​​Improving quality of care and reducing clinical risk by maximising decision making, and allowing sharing of patient data across multiple NHS and patient settings, The need for some patients to view and add information to their care record to complete their care.
​Community and Mental Health Projects
​5BP personal project and mobile device deployment ​Tested, Built and deployed 980 laptops across all sites within 5BP.


System Developments 2013 - 2014
​​Shared Projects
Windows 7 office 2010 upgrade ​Migrated over 6000 Devices to Windows 7.
​Mersey Micro App​Developed and deployed the Mersey Micro antibiotic prescribing app registered with MHRA.
​Primary Care Projects
​EMIS Web implementation ​Successfully changed 80% of the Primary care GP systems to a new web based EMIS system across Halton St Helens & Knowsley.
​GP EPS2 implementation / Summary care record (Halton & St Helens) ​Implemented Electronic transfer of Prescriptions from GPs to pharmacy across 40% of Halton St Helens & Knowsley.
Implemented Summary care record sharing to Halton & St Helens.
Primary care Wi-Fi ​Rolled out to GP's to enhance communications in the primary care setting.
Secondary Care Projects
Order communications for outpatients ​Deployed Order communications and results reporting to 50% of outpatients settings.
​A&E system upgrade ​Deployed a new clinically designed and integrated A&E system upgrade successfully.
​​Community and Mental Health Projects
​Bridgewater Community Systems implementation PARIS / TPP​Supported the deployment of TPP SystmOne in Halton & St Helens Community with IT, RA and training resources.
Maternity System for Halton Provided technical services to deploy digital pens for Halton Midwifery service.
​Bridgewater Wide Dental system project ​Deployed a central dental system to over 700 users across 25 Dental practices across Cheshire, Wigan, Trafford, Bolton, Halton & St Helens, in 6 months.
​5BP clinical information system RIO inc child health ​Responsible for review, creation and ownership of infrastructure, integration and data migration RiO project workstreams.
​Support for walk-in centre plus systems. ​Delivered the infrastructure and system interoperability required to support the enhancement of the Kirby Walk-in Centre service.



IT Developments 2012 - 2013
Mobile Device interoperability and Wi-Fi network Additional extensions deployed to enable more users to utilise VOIP technology.
​​Unified Communication, Instant message and Presence indicator​​Giving ability to see colleagues availability instantly and send a message for immediate response.
​​Virtualisation of back office servers​Enhancing disaster recovery, availability and power efficiency.
Virtual Desktop infrastructure upgrade for 5BP ​Rolled out to Community services.
RFID Deployment ​​Trust device tracking functionality.



System Developments 2012 - 2013
 ​eCorrespondence​Rollout completed to our own health economy GPs – improving the handover of patient care from secondary to primary care.
​​eVTE System deployed – ensuring all patients, on admission, receive a VTE risk assessment using the clinical risk assessment criteria.
Single Sign-OnProject completed – improving systems access security and saving time for users logging onto clinical systems.
​​RIS/PACS System ​Replaced
Order Comms Rolled out alongside Results Reporting for pathology and radiology.
Maternity information system for the Acute ​​Deployed
​​Integration and consolidation of Bridgewater ICT ​With necessary hardware and software upgrade
Community System ​Further developed to allow direct data entry
GP Archiving ​Digitisation of Lloyd George Records held in practices commenced
GP Business Continuity strategy Deployed
​​Automated GP Appointment Management system Upgraded



​​IT Developments 2011 - 2012
GP System backups and Hosting ​Developed and implemented the local infrastructure enabling enable the secure hosting of GP clinical systems,  providing business continuity and disaster recovery capability.
GP Patient Partner ​Allowing GP patients to book appointments out of hours.
Mobile Device Integration Upgrades ICT infrastructure upgraded to support access to all corporate and clinical services via non-windows devices such as smart phones and tablet devices.
VOIP telephony Upgrades ​Due to huge growth in the Health Economy VOIP telephony system, providing continued reliability, high availability and disaster recovery.
VOIP Video Conferencing system / Message announcementsEnabled the phone system to host from any source, internally and externally, data & voice conference calls, and to send messages to VOIP phone screens.
Community VOIP Implementation ​Deployed VOIP technology and 1600 VOIP handsets.
Whiston Hospital Phase 2 accommodation ICT relocation facilitating the IT equipment relocation during the commissioning of phase 2 Whiston Hospital.
Disaster recovery Upgrades Implemented disaster recovery upgrades for servers and systems that were not covered by dual room failover.
Storage Project Migration Accommodated the exponential growth in storage requirements, giving enhanced availability and disaster recovery.
​​Integration engine development ​​Undertook HL7 interfacing Developments and a Trust Interface Engine server infrastructure refresh.


System Developments 2011 - 2012
​​Enhancements to ADT and A&E system Rolled out
​​Enhanced Web PAS system Implemented
​​Mersey Burns App Launched to enable better resuscitation and treatment of serious burn injuries.
​​Single Sign-On ​​Roll out commenced across the Trust delivering increased security and faster access to clinical systems.
​​Ward Order Comms and Results ReportingDeployed in Pathology and Radiology.
​​eCorrespondenceRoll out commenced to GPs within our Health Economy.
​​Critical Care information system Implemented for ICU patient telemetry and nursing notes.
​​Destruction of Acute paper health records Commenced as a direct result of the EDMS project in 2010.
​​Knowledge ServiceLaunched to Primary, Community and Secondary Care, allowing personalised information to be electronically delivered to Library users.
Continued Community System ​Rolled out ​to provider services in Halton, St Helens and Knowsley.
Community System Upgraded  ​To allow for direct data entry by users in community care providers.
Spine connectivity ​Rolled out closely followed by Choose and Book deployment for Community users.
Integrated Electronic Primary Care Record Deployed
E-learning and Video training solutions Launched to facilitate remote learning capability.
GP Website service launched ​Delivering professional and functional websites to GP practices.


IT Developments 2010 - 2011
New Storage Area Network ​Delivered across our infrastructure.
COIN Firewall Upgraded to support remote access reliability.
​​Two direct internet feeds​​Deployed to improve congestion across the network.
​​Mobile phone signal  Improved across Trust sites.
​​New VOIP switchboard ​​Deployed
New VOIP Tannoy systemDeployed



System Developments 2010 - 2011
Electronic Document Management System Deployed across the Trust, eliminating paper health records across the acute hospitals. to find out more.
​​Admission, Discharge & Transfer (ADT) System​​Deployed across the Trust giving a real time view of patient information during their stay in hospital.
​​Hand Held Barcode scanners Allowing bedside positive patient ID blood tracking.
​​Digital Dictation  ​​Deployed across the acute hospitals giving faster document turn around and increasing patient satisfaction.
Child Health Element of the Community System ​​Deployed to system users.
​​Automated 24/7 GP appointment phone booking system ​​Deployed to GP practices in our Health Economy.
Datix Risk Management System ​Implemented to enable direct reporting of incidents into the system and remove the need for paper forms, allowing immediate managerial review.



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