Planning your eDMS Project

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St Helens & Knowsley Health Informatics are seen as ambassadors in the challenge laid down by the Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP to become a paperless NHS by 2018.

With a wealth of experience and lessons learned from our original eDMS project back in 2010, we have been delighted to host visits from many Trusts from around the UK who are embarking on their own digitisation project.

There are many considerations to be taken into account before a Trust can even get to the stage of a Procurement exercise.  For example, ensuring that your organisation's infrastructure is resilient enough to deliver electronic records to all its users.

This in itself can represent a lengthy project but is a fundamental component of a successful deployment of EDMS.

We would be delighted to talk to you about our experiences; perhaps we can even help you deliver your EDMS solution?

If you want to talk to us, please check our "News and Events" page to see if we are attending any events that you are visiting, alternatively, click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page.

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